CST 2016 Third International Conference on Foundations of Computer Science & Technology

Accepted Papers

  • Mapping Sorting Algorithm
    Osama Hoda1, Omar Yasser2, Badr Amr3, Arab acdemy for science technology and maritime transport, Cairo Unvirsity, Cairo, Egypt.
    Computing algorithms are a basic research area in computer science. In last years, many researchers proposed several sorting techniques to enhance time complexity and space complexity [8]. In this paper we present a sorting algorithm for any datatype, which uses mapping methodology. The mapping will be between elements of array and indexes without using any comparisons and swapping. The paper analyzes time complexity of proposed algorithm mathematically and empirically. The complexity of proposed algorithm is O(xlogm)+O(n) where n represents number of sorted elements and m,x n.Result shows that the Performance of mapping sorting algorithm is better than or almost equal to quick sorting